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About Me

I am an artist and I believe that we can all be artists in our own way if we choose.  That is crucial, to see art as something that connects us all and unites us as the planetary community that we are innately while also kindling our individuality. That realization, I feel, is just coming to fully blossom right now during our lifetimes.  The flame of art in this way is in natural bloom.  We have an opportunity to tap into our own personal inner strength while also connecting with each other and the world around us through artistic thinking and just as importantly, caring.  I call this approach the artistic attitude in my writing.  That of course is just one way of thinking about it all.  Art emerges in every single culture on the face of this planet though.  It feels like we have the opportunity to awaken to the art within ourselves and tap into a strength that has the power to bring us to ever deeper and higher ways of being while also safely grounding us in the process.  This is about cultivating a loving present with style and grace that will inevitably become a future for not only ourselves but others and the world of which we are a part.  The power is in us!  Welcome to the The Art Fire.  It's like we are all on a beach at night beneath the stars, gathered round a cozy fire.  Grab a seat.  Share something when you feel like it.  Enjoy and have fun!   

Why You Should Join Me

This journey is about personhood.  It is of course and absolutely bigger than simply what transpires here in The Art Fire but I hope you see how this particular community offers a unique opportunity to either ignite or reignite your art flame, offering a place to bring your own unique creativity and ideas to register meaningfully in the world.  It is a chance for you to have a place to share what has been burning deep down inside of you for the betterment of not only yourself but also others as well.  It is enrichment with the gentle and graceful registration of significance.  We are each significant innately.  This is an opportunity to identify that in ourselves, to grow and support others in a similar way.

A Big Thanks

I would thank you for joining and so forth here (and of course I am grateful for your fellowship) but really you should be thanking yourself if you are choosing to acknowledge the depth and height of the beauty within you in such an enhancing way.  We each bring so much to the world.  Thank you for being you and for being brave enough to share authentically.  Take care!

Big thanks To Jenny Amer from The Noun Project for our icon!

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